our suburban garden

There are lots of bright and cheery colors that fill our deck this month.

Oh, and there is one more flower popping up to say “hello.”

10 Responses to “our suburban garden”

  1. Mom S. Says:

    The flowers look BEAUTIFUL!! You, and mother nature with her hearty rainfalls, are taking good care of them!

  2. Aunt Stephie Says:

    Hi Heidi -

    Your flowers look great. I’m jealous! With deer, squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs, birds, chipmunks, field mice and oh yes, a fox, the most colorful flower I can plant is a plastic one! When I want to look at REAL pretty flowers, I’ll go to your blog. :-)

    Aunt Stephie

  3. mama loves Says:

    Love the all the brightness, mostly the tall yellow one.

  4. mama loves Says:

    Love all the brightness, mostly the tall yellow one.

  5. joy Says:

    looking good over there! those containers are so colorful and inspiring :)

  6. Teacher Krista Says:

    Hiedi! So excited to see your new blog. I hope your feeling as great as your flowers are blooming! Take care, Krista

  7. Susan Says:

    Louie is stinkin’ cute!! Love all the flowers…even better in person lady – great to see you last week! Sending my love…

  8. Lauren Says:

    Just now saw this post! Excited to see you surrounded by beautiful flowers…and King Louie too :) Love you tons.

  9. Jeka Lee Says:

    I miss you soooo much! Oliver said hi to King Louie. He said, “There’s a guy I’d like to meet. Someone with a beard and a personality is pretty much the best someone you can meet in this world!” I loooooooove you! Think about you all the time! Oliver does the same! Did I tell you I miss you?

  10. Teresa Says:

    Pretty pots and what a cute face on that pup!!!

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