golden dreams

Today I had the opportunity to spend the morning at Golden Dreams Therapeutic RIding Center in Middleburg, VA where my cousin, Christie, works as a Recreational Therapist for individuals with special needs. Coincidentally, and by no work on our part, I happen to provide speech therapy to a young girl who receives horseback riding therapy from Christie. This morning we saddled up Tater Tot, also referred to as “Tate,” and teamed up for some joint recreation and speech/language therapy. It was amazing to witness the gentle connection between the massive thoroughbred gelding and the quiet voice of a young girl. Few words were shared, yet the communication was clear between the two.

As I made my way along the tree canopied country roads on the drive home, I began to visit some golden dreams of my own. The dream of someday living a simple, small farm life surrounded only by nature’s purest and the ones that I love. Until then, I will continue to venture along those windy country roads…gazing, attracting, dreaming.

4 Responses to “golden dreams”

  1. Lisa Iantosca Says:

    absolutely delightful! you and your cousin must be wonderful people. all my best on YOUR country roads.

  2. Lisa Iantosca Says:


  3. Mamma Loves Says:

    I love your new blog. I know you will keep it interesting…can’t wait for more. I love the title. PERCHED ON A WHIM. It’s so you! Love, Mama Loves

  4. joy Says:

    your photos and thoughts totally paint an idyllic picture–so blissful!

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