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June has been a month full of birthday celebrations. After taking the “handmade pledge” in my mind, I have spent many hours in my studio doing my best to create pretty little things for the ones I love. This is what I have come up with so far…

June 6th marked the 27th birthday of my dear friend, Lauren. Like myself, her creativity tends to take charge of her leisure time so what better gift to give than a craft smock/apron/pallet to catch all the colorful messes that she so often gets herself into. While following a pattern may be the easiest way for some to insure a workable final outcome, my experiences have proven quite the opposite. This pattern was made up as I went along with each snip, stitch, and yes, seem rip.

June 15th marked a very special day for my mother. Her 50th birthday. While this day is frowned upon by many, my mother declared herself to be 50 and Fabulous. In her effort to continue to look fabulous at all times, she requested that I felt her a one-of-a-kind make-up bag…so I did just that.

Baby Emery (my newest little niece) has forever made June 21st a very special day. In my ‘summer‘ post, I announced her arrival and added a picture of the beginning stages of the quilt I am making for her. Here is a little update on how that is progressing…

And last, but certainly not least, another dear friend of mine, Licia, also celebrated her 27th birthday on June 23rd. This evening, Eric and I are headed to Lauren’s house to join in a fiesta themed cookout for Licia. When Lauren told me that she was going to decorate margarita glasses as her gift to Licia, I found it fitting to tag onto that idea and create coasters for her new glasses.

Click here to see the rest…

Happy Birthday to all of you June babies and Happy Day to all who are not.

3 Responses to “make a wish”

  1. joy Says:

    so many celebrations and so many creations–you must be a happy girl! They all look great Heidi and I am looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring work.

  2. Licia Says:

    Those coasters are a great addition to my living room!

  3. licia Says:

    6 Months later and we STILL use these coasters every night at dinner! Love them!

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