pink tote

How lovely it is to dash off, with my pretty pink tote in hand, to join my dear friend, Joy, for an evening full of creation, inspiration, and giggles into the wee hours of the night. Somewhere amongst the piles of unraveled fabric, felting needles, and threaded goodies, Joy managed to uncover a cozy spot for me in her craft studio right along side of her. As the night progressed, and we sank deeper and deeper into our creations, I secretly inched my way closer to her in hopes that her creativity and great ideas would somehow rub off onto me. I am beginning to realize that this event is inevitable when we’re together.

Joy found herself visiting memories of her younger years as she hand stitched an interactive tic-tac-toe game complete with Xs, Os, and even a handy pouch to store the pieces when not in use. I, on the other hand, needle felted a sweet little, flower bloomed pouch of my own.

To see pictures of Joy’s finished product, click here….

Thanks for a great photo, Kevin!

While my time in Joy’s studio came to an end, I found myself, with my supply-packed pink tote along side, at another make-shift studio belonging to my best friend, Lauren. We spent some time together reflecting, pondering life’s purpose and wondering if we will ever truly know the answers, and, of course, how exactly we planned on making what resembled a cupcake out of rolled felt. All of which are typical topics of conversation between the best of friends…I’m sure.

As I made my way home, I took a glimpse into the rearview mirror of my mind and reflected on the special bonds I share with my dear friends. I will forever carry with me the memory of the dialogues we exchanged, the laughter we shared, and of course, my trusty pink tote.

2 Responses to “pink tote”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Stinkin cute :) You have such a beautiful way with words…again, your creativity shining through. I love that you are finding yet another outlet for your creativity with this blogging. Thanks for sharing a wonderful day with me yesterday. I dread July 1st every year, and you helped me remember that it can be a day to celebrate. Thanks buddy! And thanks for getting my creative juices flowing…stay tuned, maybe I’ll have something fun to share :)

  2. joy Says:

    Lauren is so right Heidi, you have a beautiful way with words. Keep spreading and sharing the love girl!

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