love birds

Today I am headed off to an engagement party for my cousin, Courtney. I was told by my aunt that this was not a gift giving event and to save the presents for her bridal shower. I currently have a lovely pink, yellow, and brown patterned fabric laying across my studio floor just begging to be cut and sewn into an apron for Courtney’s shower but I can’t help myself…I just can’t show up empty handed to her engagement party picnic today. As I thought about what would have helped me stay organized during the planning of my own wedding, I remembered the amount of gift cards we received and how my wallet began to bust at the seams as I loaded them inside. So, in my effort to 1) remain true to my “handmade” gift giving pledge and 2) not show up empty handed, I decided to make a little pouch for Courtney to hold the many gift cards that she is sure to receive in the coming months. Here is what I have so far…a felted “love bird” themed patch to add to the pouch….

Finished product…

Here we are at the party…that’s Courtney on the far right. My mom is on the left, and me and my grams are in the middle.

4 Responses to “love birds”

  1. terry Says:

    I am sure Countney is going to love the gift tote as much as I love the felt make-up tote you made for me.Keep on being creative in your studio.


  2. joy Says:

    Cheers! Wonderful spin on your bag–I love the patchy-goodness. See ya soon.

  3. Significant Other Says:

    Heidi, how much have you had to drink in that picture?

  4. COURTNEY Says:

    Hey girl!!
    I love the picture of me!!!! No really that is such a cute picture and I absolutly LOVE the Apron!!!! I can’t wait to make my first burnt meal in it.


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