a “to-do” want to

So much to do…so little MUCH time! I am very lucky (or just very strategic in choosing a career) in that I have the whole summer to do whatever it is that tickles my fancy. I have the freedom to perch myself on a whim (wink) and spend my time doing whatever moves me at the moment. Just before my summer break sabbatical took flight, I made a project to-do list. Now, don’t be mistaken…this to-do list does not conjure up the feelings associated with a typical chore to-do list. No, no, no…this list lends nothing but feelings of delight, enjoyment in the journey of creation, and the potential satisfaction of a hand made product. At the completion of each project, I will pull, yet another, tag out of the pot (a grade school creation of my husband, Eric) and begin a new project. First up…a fabric banner…

3 Responses to “a “to-do” want to”

  1. joy Says:

    How fun–I love this idea of creative organization!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Saw the apron in person today…couldn’t be any cuter. Anyone can make an apron, but you took it to the next level! The crooked pocket is my favorite part, and the recipe in the pocket TOTALLY reminds me of your college days :) So you…

  3. ElfTea Says:

    I love that you just pull a project from the pot.

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