songs of my heart

My television has been blasting tunes from the County Music Television channel all day in hopes that it will take be back…even if only for a moment. My trip to Nashville, TN, home of country music, filled my heart with many different types of songs this past week. Songs that are dedicated to the love of family and the invitation to share their day to day lives with me for a while…

Songs sung by the contentment of the newest member of the family as she sinks deeper into my arms while gently making her way to dreamland…

Songs of eagerness for the simple things life has to offer as the new “big” brother of the family runs at me with a book in hand in hopes that I will take him to the place “Where the Wild Things Are”

Songs of peace and the passing of time while we sit with our feet hanging off the dock as our toes skim the water below…

And finally, the songs that resonate through the balconies of the Grand Ole Opry and through the souls of those who long to hear them…

4 Responses to “songs of my heart”

  1. Lauren Says:

    love the dock shot…and the close of of emery…so cute. Looks like you two had a blast in my old stomping ground! I hope you gave “Dolly” a hug for me..,Thanks for sharing your visit with us :)

  2. Cheryl Says:

    It looks like your hubby has the same hair as mine! What a dream for my girls to have curly hair too.

    I love your post, but alas, I cannot share your appreciation of country music. Great sentiments.

  3. Significant Other Says:

    You’re a great photographer, and a great writer, I love all the pictures!

  4. joy Says:

    Your pictures and sentiments from the trip are fantastic. It looks and sounds like a perfect getaway and get-together all in the same!

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