welcome home

Just about every evening at about the same time, my pup, King Louie, begins to get antsy. He paces the floor running from window to window to door in hopes that he may hear the footsteps of his best buddy arriving home from work. His ears perk up. Was that the jingle of keys opening the door? Is he finally back from wherever it is that he goes all day? On this particular day, King Louie peered out the window for an hour anticipating Eric’s homecoming. He had just returned home himself and things were beginning to get back to normal in his little dog life.

What a sweet welcome home…the unconditional love of your best friend.

4 Responses to “welcome home”

  1. joy Says:

    Someone give the little guy a scooby snack! And you’re right–nothing like the love of a best friend :)

  2. Significant Other Says:

    This little dog looks like he’s perfectly happy being the only dog in the house.

  3. Lauren Says:

    Well, the only thing better than King Louie greeting you at the door would be King Louie AND Queen Elizabeth greeting you! Can’t wait to meet little “Izzy!”

  4. Jodi Renshaw Says:

    How very sweet!

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