from drab to fab

For the past year, I have been shifting these pillows from one corner of the closet to the next. They have been nothing but IN THE WAY. When I purchased my very first couch about nine months ago, these came with it. While I love the couch, I’ve always hated these pillows. Don’t get me wrong…they are fine pillows and certainly fulfill the duties required by the general pillow (i.e. soft, squishy, and appropriately sized for the average head). Unfortunately, they just aren’t very pretty which translates into “they aren’t quite my style.” Being the practical husband that he is, Eric has fought me tooth and nail to keep them. If it had been up to me, they would have been shipped to the local thrift store months ago. Luckily, my creativity kicked in and, in my mind, saved these pillows…

Needless to say, these pillows have climbed their way out of the dark corners of the closet and found their way back to the comfort of the couch from which they originally came.

4 Responses to “from drab to fab”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Seriously adorable. I can’t believe what a change they’ve gone through. I got four pillows with my couches that are horribly ugly, I’ll have to commission you to take them from “drab to fab.” Great work!

  2. Lindsay Richards Says:


    You are amazing! No one would ever know all that you are going through. I love all of your craft ideas. I especially loved the chalkboard idea because I’ve never known what to do with old window frames like that. I love checking out your blog for creative ideas… so keep them coming! I think of you often and wish you the best.

    Lindsay Richards (Remember Lauren’s Friend?)

  3. joy Says:

    love them too, can’t wait to hang out on that couch in a few days while we craft the next batch :)

  4. Hubby Says:

    He finally gets the credit he deserves! You definitely gave a few ugly closet pillows a better home on the couch and if they could talk, they would thank you for their makeover. Chalk that one up on your chalkboard for another creative solution…

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