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Take a look to the right of my screen. Notice anything new? Scrolling pictures of my most recent creations! I have posted about each of these projects in the past but thought that it would be fun to be reminded of them more often. You never know, maybe something will catch your eye and spark up a little inspiration. I’m hoping they can further inspire me as well. It was super easy and really fun creating this slide show for display on Perched on a Whim. And, there is great news! You too can have one on your blog…if you feel so inclined. All you have to do is head over to PHOTOBUCKET , sign up for a free account, upload some pics, create a slideshow, and HTML code it to your blog. Believe me…if I can do it, anyone can. Good luck and let me know when you get yours set up. I would love to drop by for a visit and gawk at your lovely pics.

One more slideshow creator I would like to recommend is a place called PHOTOSHOW. This site allows you to create a slideshow of your pictures to a themed layout, add music, and send share them with your friends and family. The best news…this site service is also FREE. Whenever I throw a party or return home from a vacation, I like to create a slideshow for my friends and family to view. Take a look at the photoshow I created after returning home from our adventurous honeymoon trip to Hawaii.

You may also notice my new list of “Tweet”orials to try (keeping with the bird them). I thought this would be a lovely way to keep track of tutorials I want to try while also sharing them with you. Don’t hesitate to bring my attention to “attempt worthy” tutorials that you’ve tried, or plan on trying. I’m always looking for creative, new ideas. Have fun!

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  1. joy Says:

    great adds to the site, makes me keep “flocking” back for more :)

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