after school special

My most favorite after school activity (I am an educational Speech/Language Pathologist) is to “B-line” it in the direction of the closest craft/fabric store with my teacher/crafters annonymous friend in pull (please note that it doesn’t take much tugging on her end). Just this week, we participated in this routine with great enthusiasm. We didn’t know what we were headed out to get, but what we did know is that we had a couple of 50% off coupons and we weren’t afraid to use them. Upon returning home, we each partook in the only possible next routine…dump our purchases on the floor and gawk at all the fun we just brought home. Then, if we still have the energy (wild horses couldn’t drag it from us) we put all that crafting goodness to use. After creating a new pile of materials to include previously purchased items and items fresh out of the shopping bag…

…here is what I managed to come up with…

I wonder which one of my darling friends will find this handmade card in the mailbox next week.

4 Responses to “after school special”

  1. lynda rountree Says:

    What fun purchases you and your “anonymous” friend made on your shopping trip. Enjoy all your creating! lynda

  2. mama loves Says:

    I sure you had as much fun finding your purchases as you had making them. Love the cards.

  3. joy Says:

    Hey perched! Can’t wait to stop by the mailbox after school this week :) You’re superthoughtful and I love it!

  4. Lauren Says:

    That birdcage stamp is so great…I want one! You’re starting to inspire me to get back into sending handmade lovies via snail mail. It just makes you feel good to get something that you know someone took the extra time on. Thanks for my handmade lovie :)

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