sophisticated country wedding series: 5: ring bearing nest

It just didn’t fit. Not the scene, not the theme…a pillow seemed too fancy, too frilly. But what would we use? A bird cage? No…too big and distracting. A bird house? No…too boxy and just not that cute. Ah ha! A bird nest! That’s just what we had our handsome ring bearer carry down the isle.

It’s as if our rings hatched from the blue eggs in the nest…just in time to be wrapped around our fingers.

11 Responses to “sophisticated country wedding series: 5: ring bearing nest”

  1. joy Says:

    what a handsome guy! and your rings sparkle so next to the eggs!

  2. Lauren Says:

    This was one of my favorite touches at the wedding. So creative, and a perfect alternative to an age-old tradition.

  3. Esther Says:

    Gorgeous yet again. How do you do it?

  4. noah's mommy Says:

    As I commented before…you did a brillient job of carrying your theme all throughout….the birdnest….takes the cake…

  5. Angela Says:

    What a precious little ring bearer!

  6. Beth @ Blissful Blunders Says:

    Oh my stars!! Is there anything you can’t do? Seriously. Totally flippin’ cute!

  7. Bre Says:

    What an adorable idea – your wedding rings nestled amongst robin’s eggs.

    Looks like you had an absolutely perfect wedding – very creative ideas !

    Found your blog through SITS ……….a very sweet and delightful blog- love your creative ideas !


  8. wendy Says:

    sheer brilliance! :) I love it.

  9. Reluctant Housewife Says:


  10. Toni Says:

    What a creative way to blend your theme throughout the wedding…

  11. Nikki Says:

    I’m seconds away from being totally addicted to birds, nests, and eggs. Seriously! Your ideas are simply brilliant.

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