sophisticated country wedding series: 6: mad hatter cake

I couldn’t help myself! When will I ever again have the chance to create a two and a half foot tall pile of sugar? I just had a hard time taking this task so seriously. It’s cake! It just didn’t seem right mixing formality with something that brings just about everyone complete joy when endulging in a slice…or two. I wanted something fun…something a bit on the crazy side. A Mad Hatter inspired cake was just the ticket. I mean…why not?

The tricky part was finding a cake topper that would compliment the unpredictablity of this cake. I searched high and low…but just could find what I was looking for. SO…I decided to make one myself. It’s not the most professional looking topper but it works.

It sure was fun slicing into that cake.

16 Responses to “sophisticated country wedding series: 6: mad hatter cake”

  1. Lauren Says:

    So pretty, and totally with the “cute” theme. I wish I had a piece right now! Did you save the top of the cake for the 13th?

  2. Hubby Says:

    Pretty soon we’ll be eating that last piece of cake!

  3. greedygrace Says:

    Visiting from SITS…

    Happy belated anniversary! I went through all 6 parts of your wedding posts, and it was so beautiful! I can tell that you really worked hard to make it so nice! It was worth it!

  4. suzi @ pink vanilla cupcakes Says:

    Oh my! I love love love this cake! Amazing!! Stopped by from SITS and really am enjoying your site. :) Happy SITS day!

  5. Brenda Says:

    What an awesome cake! I love it:)

  6. Laura Says:

    What an amazing cake!!! I would have taken a ton of pictures of that!

  7. Tiffany Says:

    That cake is fantastic!

  8. noah's mommy Says:

    really cool…

  9. Angela Says:

    Nice. I bet it turned everyone’s mouths funny colors :) It seems like you really had a good time planning your wedding and you had everything suited just perfectly for you!

  10. Beth @ Blissful Blunders Says:

    I LOVE it! My kind o’ cake!! Woot!
    I love that you did it all yourself. Totally fantastic! You’ve inspired me, should I ever walk down the aisle again…

  11. Rachel M Says:

    Found you via SITS…congrats on being the SITS Friday blog.

    That is a fantastic cake! How much fun would that be to have that cake at any party?

  12. Legal Diva Says:

    I love your cake! One of my favorite things to do is bake, and baking beautiful unexpected cakes is the best! You did an awesome job!!!

  13. phhhst Says:

    I love this cake.

  14. Christie Says:

    I LOVE this cake! The topper is so sweet…I think it’s incredible that you made it yourself. So crafty!

  15. SarahLCC Says:

    i made my wedding cake! It was so much fun! It looks like you had a lot of fun too!

  16. Nikkolish Says:

    What an awesome wedding cake! I totally love it! Congrats on being the SITS Featured Blogger today! I really enjoyed reading your blog…I love that you handmake gifts and enjoy the simple things in life…very inspiring. ;)

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