sophisticated country wedding series: 7: fairy girls

I wasn’t planning on posting anymore from the “sophisticated country wedding” series but I received such wonderful responses to the first six that I figured it may not hurt to show just a few more…here we go…

Go big or go home…that was my motto when it came to our flower girl…or girls, rather. Quite possibly, the most entertaining and most adorable part of the wedding processional is watching the little flower girl prance down the isle. I thought I would up the anty and have not one but six little cuties make their way down before me. What little girl wouldn’t love to throw on a pair of wings and call herself a fairy girl for the day? And that’s just what they did…

This portion of the ceremony was a HUGE hit. I can’t tell you how many guests commented on how much they loved the sweet fairygirls. I’m sure you’ll agree.

9 Responses to “sophisticated country wedding series: 7: fairy girls”

  1. Stacey @ The Blessed Nest Says:

    Sooooo adorable!! This is too sweet…I can only imagine how they fluttered ahead of you down the aisle!!

  2. Krista Says:

    OH MY!!! Absolutely beautiful girls, pics, everything!!! How magical.

  3. Charlotte Says:

    They are too cute!!

  4. Amanda in GA Says:

    Love the fairy girls! they are so cute

  5. Lauren Says:

    Dar-ling….they really WERE the hit of the day…well, other than YOU, of course :) Hope your day is great~!

  6. joy Says:

    Just pure sweetness–thanks for sharing such cheery pictures. I wonder how many of those little beauties will break out the wings for Halloween?

  7. Kalin Says:

    CUTE! I especially like the color scheme on the first girl shown: that green looks wonderful with the goldish red tones!

  8. Pink Ink Says:

    What a wonderful idea! To not just have one but six! :-)

    I love how they don’t “match” but are adorable their individual selves.

  9. {Gigi's Glamma} Says:

    What a {wonderful} blog… found you on SITS blogsite .

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