halloween terrarium

I guess it’s that time again…to switch out my terrarium scene to a more spooktacular sight. I have to admit…I made the switch on in the morning of October 1st. I was so excited to put in the lights and place all the spookiness together. This is quite possibly my favorite scene to put together. It’s so much fun and it really brings out the kid in me…which some would say is not hard to do anyway.

Who said Frankenstein was scary? Look at his sweet little smile.

Happy Halloween everyone and have a great fall weekend!

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  1. Laura Says:

    Happy Halloween and I LOVE your blog!!!!! I found you through SITS and I’m DEFINITELY bookmarking you! Good job!


  2. Dina Says:

    Your site is beautiful and congrats on being SITSA for today. You are so creative I love everything on here…but the felted cupcakes..absolutely divine! I am a knitting fanatic I just put up some photos, come by and check them out.

  3. Kelley Says:

    Holy Hannah! You’re blog is full of awesome ideas….and I have to say, those cupcakes are C-U-T-E!!

    Enjoy being blog o’ the day on SITS! : )

  4. Michelle Says:

    These pics are awesome, you did a great job! Congrats on being the FB of the day on SITS.

  5. Becky Says:

    Congrats on being on SITS today!! Beautiful ideas! Very talented!

  6. Amanda in GA Says:

    Congrats on being SITS FB today! Love you site and can’t wait to come back and dig a little deeper.

  7. Pink Ink Says:

    :smile: What a lovely blog! Congratulations on your SITS day. I love your sidebar, where you describe yourself. I’ll have to try that sometime, reading a mag from the last page :-)

  8. Judy@In His Grip Says:

    Congrats on being the featured blog over at SITS. I was just stopping by with some comment love. Your site is awesome and I have saved you in my favorites so I can visit again. That chalkboard window is very cool, I think I’ll be makeing that this weekend, because I just happen to have an old window frame hanging around.

  9. grams Says:

    hey, your terrarium scares me, but I’m sure the movies you get on the 25th will spoke me even more.

    love grams

    P.S. See you today Noel

  10. Jen Says:

    what a gorgeous blog! how much fun you have…I LOVE it! Congrats on your SITS day…enjoy!

  11. Ginny Says:

    Oh that is amazing, I Love it! Here from SITS, now have to go through & read your blog posts. If they are anything like this post, you have a new fan, lol. Love that!!!

  12. T Says:

    that’s the friendliest little Frankenstein I’ve ever seen! What a fun blog – with some great ideas!!! (Over from Sits) :)

  13. Michaela Says:

    Happy SITS day!! You are so creative!! I loved your blog

  14. Tracy P. Says:

    Stopping by from SITS, and I also read magazines (and catalogs) starting at the back. What’s up with that?

  15. Katie Says:

    So stinking cute! I love the lights!

  16. Kristan Says:

    Hi! Congrats on being the FB today!! I love the birthday hat!!

  17. Laura Says:

    Happy SITS Friday! You have such great ideas!

  18. Marge Says:

    What a great Halloween scene! Love it – congratulations on being the Featured Blog at SITS!

    Make it a great day!

  19. Marrdy Says:

    Congrats on your SITS day! Gotta check out these wedding posts!

  20. Meaghan Says:

    Congratulations on your SITS day :) Love your stuff…so creative and looks great!

  21. Jeauxdi Says:

    CONGRATS on SITS! Frankie is the CUTEST! I enjoyed peekin’ around your home! Thanx…Have a giggly day!

  22. Laura Ingalls Gunn Says:

    Oh this is so cute!

  23. Stacey @ The Blessed Nest Says:

    I came to visit from SITS, and I must say, your blog is just lovely!! :) I’ll be adding you to my blog list, if that’s ok, I’ll definitely be back to visit often!


  24. Dorkys Says:

    Congrats on your SITS day! Your blog is so charming :)

    Love the pumpkins!!

  25. Honey Mommy Says:

    How fun! I should have something like that in MY house!

    Happy SITS day!

  26. Audrey Says:

    wow, your blog is beautiful!

  27. april kennedy Says:

    I love your blog! I love your style! And, I love your frankenstein!

  28. Dana Says:

    OMG that is ADORABLE!!

    LOVE strolling your blog! Found you through SITS!

  29. pink and green mama Says:

    SITS sent me here and I love your site so much I’m adding you to my own favorites. As an artist and homemaker (former teacher and wife of a cancer survivor) we seem to have a lot in common. So glad I found you!

  30. Farrah Says:

    i LOVE your scene!! I only wish i was as creative to do this for my own home!

  31. Michelle Says:

    First, congrats on being the Friday feature at SITs. I love crafty gals and you site is incredible. This Halloween scene is so neat!!

  32. Charlotte Says:

    Love your site! I have a small obsession with birds too, but I think you have me beat. So happy to find you!

  33. Firefly Says:

    I just love your blog, so much fun. Found you on SITS BTW Congrats on being featured :smile:

    Visiting you again soon…:lol:

  34. Kally Says:

    Happy SITS day!

    Your blog is super cute and so crafty! I love it.

  35. Kathleen Says:

    Love the terranium! And the rest of your blog is fun reading.

    Happy SITS day!!!

  36. Mama Laura Says:

    That’s gorgeous!

  37. Kelly W Says:

    Thats so cool! Love your blog :)

  38. phhhst Says:

    Congrats on your SITS day. I was reading your profile and we have a lot in common (cancer survivor/dog lover here). Am gonna go browsing the rest of your site now.

  39. Heather Says:

    Frankie does have a cute little smile here!

  40. joy Says:

    Hey girl,
    I’ve enjoyed reading all these comments and totally agree–your site is amazing :) That terrarium is better than kooky spooky bingo night! Thanks for sharing your creativity and whimsy!

  41. Denise Says:

    That terrarium is do darn cute! My kids would absolutely go crazy over that! Its kind of late for Halloween so maybe I’ll try it for Thanksgiving!

    Congrats on being featured on SITS! You’ve got a great blog!

  42. Laurel Plum Says:

    OK, I should be running out the door, so I do not have a lot of time for comments. I had plenty, but once I started reading your first article, I just kept scrolling all of the way down the page. You are so very clever! I love the terrarium that you switch out for holidays. I have three huge glass canisters that I treat the same way. I have always liked them, but yours puts them to shame. And if only I had found a site like yours when I was planning a wedding! I can’t wait to try some of your tutorials and copy some of your other ideas. I am so glad SITS pointed me in your direction. Congrats on the Friday feature!

  43. Becky Says:

    I love your blog! You are so incredibly talented! Happy SITs Day!

  44. Lynda Says:

    Congrats on being our SAUCY SITSa today! Love the haunted terrarium :-)

  45. Kelli Says:

    Happy SITS day! I love your blog but none of your photos are showing up… I am sure missing out judging from what the other readers have said.

  46. Tracey Says:

    Hey. Well done on being the blog of the day at SITS. The blog looks great and I love your terrarium I love all things Halloween

  47. Andrea Says:

    Congrats to you…and you’re ever so crafty! I’m learning way too much my brain is going to overflow soon;)

  48. Kristin Says:

    Found you over at SITS. I will be back. Love your stuff. Beautiful and creative.

  49. Hubby Says:

    Wow, I am really proud of you. Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks you are talented, creative, and the Queen of Everything Beautiful!

  50. Maggie Robinson Says:

    hello Heidi,
    Congratulations on the Friday SITS pick.. Well deserved. I have so enjoyed myself and will definitely return …You Have a very interesting blog. Thanks for sharing…..

  51. Lo Says:

    Love it and Great pictures too!

  52. Debie Says:

    Congrats on your SITS day!

  53. anna see Says:

    What a beautiful blog! I adore birds, too, so seeing all of the lovely bird photos was a treat.

  54. Rhea Says:

    That’s such a great idea, a holiday themed terrarium. Never would have occurred to me. I can tell from your blog that you are very creative! Love it. Your blog is beautiful and I love the country wedding posts. Congrats on being a SITS featured blog and enjoy all the extra comment love.

  55. Nana's Box Says:

    Hello! Happy SITS day to you!
    I Love the purple lights! So festive!


    Come by sometime and check out my GIVEAWAY!

  56. Mindy Says:

    What great photos you have on your blog! I’ve really enjoyed scrolling down through them all.

    Your Halloween decorations are the most imaginative I’ve seen so far!! Very Ghool =)

  57. angie Says:

    Congrats on your day! Love your Halloween decorations!

  58. jori-o Says:

    Stopping by from SITS…your site is lovely! I love your spooky terrarium and your fairy godson is SOOOOOO cute! Can’t waity to see more; I’m already a fan!

  59. susieshomemade Says:

    Congratulations on your SITs feature. I hope you enjoyed your day in the sun:-)

  60. MommyNamedApril Says:

    nice blog :-) love the creepy terrarium! happy SITS day!

  61. Fifi Flowers Says:

    FUN Halloween post! I’m doing one tomorrow… come take a peek!
    Nice to meet you… off to look around your site!
    ENJOY your weekend! Fifi

  62. Tracy R Says:

    Hi … love the terrarium, you know I had one almost identical for sale in our antique booth for the longest ….. since it FINALLY sold I have really regreted it, I especially do now after seeing how cute your’s is !

    Love your blog by the way …
    enjoyed seeing all the wedding post, my oldest daughter was just married back on Sept. 27th.
    Take care!

  63. MommyWizdom Says:

    I love your blog – what fun it is here! Will you adopt me?!

  64. Anissa Says:

    I love that! Congrats on being featured today on SITS.

    Much Love

  65. Tammy Sprinkle Says:

    What a wonderful terrarium you have. I too have one and what a great way to change out your decor and reuse somethig. I love your pumpkin fellow too. He is very cute.
    Hmmm…you’ve got me thinking of emptying out my terrarium now and celebrating the seasons in it. Thanks! I have been enjoying your blog. Very sweet.

  66. Kritta22 Says:

    You are so creative! I love frankenstien!!

  67. Blond Duck Says:

    I found you through SITS and I’m coming back for more! Love it!

  68. Licia Says:

    Still love this one.

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