december blooms

Anyone in need of a little cheer? I sure was and this is what I got!

My dear friend, Joy, took it upon herself to enlist the help of our wonderful students at Belmont Station Elementary School to aid in her goal to make me smile. She wanted to make me happy. In her attempt to do so, she asked the students a very simple question…”what makes you happy?” She then asked the students to write it down on a paper flower petal and draw a picture to go along with their answers. I was pleased to see that most of their answers weren’t related to material things at all. Most of their answers involved their relationships with family members, friends, and pets. If that reaction doesn’t makes you smile, I don’t know what would.

“time with my family”

“my pet dog”

I think it’s safe to say that Joy was successful in her attempt to make me happy!

6 Responses to “december blooms”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Now those are my kind of blooms! They last forever! What a special treat from Joy and the kids. you’re so loved :)

  2. joy Says:

    Hey Girl, well I’m so glad they make you happy, because…there are plenty more coming your way:)

  3. Mamma Loves Says:

    The December blooms are a beautiful ideal. What a wonderful friend you have in Joy.

  4. alex Says:

    save to my Bookmarks ;)

  5. Teacher Krista Says:

    We miss your smile. Glad you are smiling at home! Take care of yourself. Krista

  6. Hubby Says:

    My pet dog makes me happy too, but my beautiful wife makes me happier!

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